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SASEC Road Connectivity Project: Improvement of Joydevpur - Chandra - Tangail-Elenga Road (N-4) to a 4-Lane Highway

Published at 25 Jan, 2021 | Project under Foreign Aid
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Project Background

The main component of the Project is to upgrade the Joydevpur-Chandra-Tangail-Elenga Road (JCTE) to a 4-Lane Highway with safety features including separate Lanes for Slow Moving Vehicular Traffic (SMVT). The proposed JCTE Road is one of the vital links in the National Highway network. The existing road, which is a two-lane highway having no divider between two opposite direction traffic and no separate lane for slow moving vehicles, often gets severely congested also poses significant threats to road safety. Given that the capacity of this 2-lane Highway is constrained due to rapid traffic growth, the upgrading of this Highway to a 4-lane Highway having continuous median, flyover at busy sections & intersections, underpasses and both sides separate SMVT lanes will significantly increase the capacity and safety of this important Highway section.   

Project Approval

Project Approval Approval Date
Gov. Order
ECNEC Approval 23 Apr, 2013
Administrative Approval 15 May, 2013

Project Implementation Period

DPP type Project Beginning Date Project Finishing Date
Main DPP
25 Jan, 2021 30 Jun, 2022

Project Financial Source

Source GOB Own Financing Others Source
1 2 3 4
Loan (Lac) 342062.86
Grant-in-Aid (Lac) 279378.36
Equity (Lac)
Others (Lac)
Sub Total (Lac) 279378.36 0 342062.86
Grand Total (Lac) 621441.22
Grand Total (Lac) 621441.22

Project Area

Division District City Corporation/Municipality/Upazila
project Map
1 2 3
Dhaka Dhaka, Gazipur, Tangail Tejgaon, Joydevpur, Kaliayakoir, Mirjapur, Delduar, Basail, Tangail Sadar, Kalihati

Project Description

The objectives of the project are to: (a) upgrade about 70 km of the Joydevpur-Chandra-Tangail-Elenga Road, which is part of Asian Highway No. 2 & 41 South Asia Sub regional Economic Cooperation (SASEC) Road Corridor Nos. 4 and 9, to a 4-Lane Highway with safety features including separate lanes for slow moving traffic and construction of flyovers at the busiest junctions; (b) modernization of the RHD Headquarters office; and (c) provide equipment for Highway Development and Management (HDM) circle and consulting services in line with RHD’s institutional development action plan.

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