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SASEC Road Connectivity Project-2: Improvement of Elenga-Hatikamrul-Rangpur Road to a 4-lane Highway

Published at 27 Jan, 2021 | Project under Foreign Aid
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Project Background

The Government of Bangladesh is emphasizing on improved connectivity 
in the country. In line with this objective the GOB announced its National Land Transport Policy in 2004 defining long term (20 years) Road Master Plan (RMP). The RMP has identified many feasible and priority projects. One of priority roads identified is the Hatikamrul – Rangpur Road. This road is a vital link in the national highway network and forms a part of the Asian Highway Network complementing the government plans to increase trade with India. The upgrading of the road will have its associated environmental impacts that require due consideration in project design for its mitigation and management based on detailed environmental assessment. This report presents the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) carried out to determine the likely significant environmental changes due to the project and crafts mitigation measures to avoid, minimize, or compensate these impacts. The existing road suffers from inadequate capacities and lack of safety. The road is two lanes with no shoulders and no provision for slow moving vehicular traffic (SMVT) or nonmotorized traffic (NMT). There are capacity constraints caused by congested junctions, markets, and community areas. The project will upgrade the road to a four lane road with safety features, dedicated SMVT lane, flyovers at business junctions, and overpasses at intersections.

Project Approval

Project Approval Approval Date
Gov. Order 23 Nov, 2020
ECNEC Approval 27 Oct, 2020
Administrative Approval 01 Dec, 2020

Project Implementation Period

DPP type Project Beginning Date Project Finishing Date
Main DPP
27 Jan, 2021 31 Dec, 2024

Project Financial Source

Source GOB Own Financing Others Source
1 2 3 4
Loan (Lac) 1162572.94
Grant-in-Aid (Lac) 503665.68
Equity (Lac)
Others (Lac)
Sub Total (Lac) 503665.68 0 1162572.94
Grand Total (Lac) 1666238.62
Grand Total (Lac) 1666238.6199999999

Project Area

Division District City Corporation/Municipality/Upazila
project Map
1 2 3
Dhaka, Rajshahi, Rangpur Tangail, Sirajganj, Bogra, Gaibandha, Rangpur Kalihati, Sirajgonj Sadar, Kamarkhanda, Ullapara, Rayganj, Sherput, Shahjahanpur, Bogra Sadar, Shibganj, Gobindaganj, Palashbari, Sadullapur, Pirganj, Mithapukur, Rangpur Sadar

Project Description

The Government of Bangladesh is expected to receive a loan from the Asian Development Bank (ADB) for the South Asia Subregional Economic Cooperation Dhaka-Northwest Corridor Road Project –Phase 2 (SASEC Road Project II) Multi-Tranche Financing Facility (MFF) timeslice approach. The key activities financed by this loan are the following:

  • The expansion of the Hatikumrul- Rangpur Highway (156.43 km)
  • The expansion of the Elenga-Hatikumrul Highway (30.300 km)
  • The Hamtikamrul Interchange
  • The USD 150 million cost overrun and new safety and design features related to the upgrading of the Phase 1: SASEC Road Connectivity Project (i.e. the Joydebpur-Chandra-Tangail-Elenga section of 110 km approved by ADB in 2012 and currently ongoing).

The project will require the acquisition of a total of 198.94 ha of private land. It is expected to affect 17,200 households (around 53,000 persons), among whom 6,780 (40%) will be physically displaced. Most affected households (70%) are non-titled-holders and 16% are vulnerable.2 The project will also affect 390 community structures. Given the significant resettlement impacts described above, Tranche 1 is expected to be categorized as A for Involuntary Resettlement. The same categorization is expected for the subsequent tranches given that this is a time-sliced approach MFF and all activities have been appraised up front.

SASEC Road Connection Project-2 Elenga - Hatikamrul - Rangpur Highway 4-lane upgrade.

SASEC Road Connectivity Project-2


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