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Improvement of Comilla (Mainamati)-Brahmanbaria (Dharkhar) National Highway as 4-lane National Highway

Published at 09 Dec, 2020 | Project under Cumilla Road Division
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Project Background

Four or five decades ago the South Esie region has one of the entegrated transport networks F the develog word fortunately this was severely disrupted following the partition of the region nocerendent states JECT The current situation is the highways , waterways and always within each country of the region stop at national borders t'eve -- ng the region as a whole being serviced by the transport network The resulding physical infrastructure across the region has been constrained scoss - border security fears and this as resulted in the mutual forfeiting of economiebe erst , the countries of the region In order that the countries of the regio ma , te te ca ake its economic rise there is a need to re - build and focher deve op te transpon infrastructure throughout the region and for the eastern region of South Asia Bangladesh has the opportunity to become a hub around which reconstruction of land links could take place The potential exists for sans edes to DEC 3 Subregiona transport and trans shipment center by the both eavily populatea South Asian region to the emerging markets and countries of nont and south - eas : Asia . Bangladesh has borders with India and Manage and is geopractical close to Bhutan and Nesal , as well as to a key transportatore scores of the Peoples Republic of China ( PRC ) - Kunming Because the prevailing poor road connectvity is the development some strategic transport corridors are urgently recuited to be developes so that this potential may be realized Investment in subregions 1080 por civity not only contributes to the development of Bangladeshs swn economy but aso contributes to increasing tubregional trade - especially benefiting Bangladesh the north - eastern states of India , West Bengal , Nepal , Bhutan , and Myanmar In view of this subregional de sloprent potential the Ba , Bengal Initiative for Multi - Sectoral Technice and Economice Cooperation EIMSTEC Transport Infrastructure and Logistics Stuar 37.8 2002 provided a cocy framework and Also , the SAARC Regional Multimodal Transport Study , 2007 , provided a list of priority corridors for development in , and linkage of the SAARC countries . The GOB , in a recent summit agreement with India , committed itself to moving forward on significant RCI projects .

Project Approval

Project Approval Approval Date
Gov. Order
ECNEC Approval
Administrative Approval

Project Implementation Period

DPP type Project Beginning Date Project Finishing Date
Main DPP
01 Jan, 2019 30 Jun, 2022

Project Financial Source

Source GOB Own Financing Others Source
1 2 3 4
Loan (Lac) 278182.60
Grant-in-Aid (Lac) 463460.35
Equity (Lac)
Others (Lac)
Sub Total (Lac) 741642.95 0 0
Grand Total (Lac) 0
Grand Total (Lac)

Project Area

Division District City Corporation/Municipality/Upazila
project Map
1 2 3
Chittagong Cumilla & Brahmanbaria Burichong, Debidwar, Muradnagar, Brahmanpara, Kashba, Akhaura.

Project Description

Project Objectives For the Government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh the main and ultimate objective of the project is the improvement of the economic status of the people of Bangladesh This will be achieved by the facilitation of faster , safer and more economic links between Comilla and Brahmanbaria ( N102 road ) and all places in between , and between Darkhar ( on N102 road ) and Akhaura ( Z1202 road ) and the nearby border crossing point with India at Senarbadi The border crossing at Senarbad between Bangladesh and India , has the potential to generale increased traffic volumes should the road on the Indian side of the border be improved in line with the road upgrading proposed in Bangladesh Such increased traffic volumes would have a positive economic affect for the people who live and work within the project road atticon Further economic benefits could be expected from the increased use of the road corridor by commercial traffic travelling tomto other parts of Bangladesh and cross border traffic traveling in due course from India to Dhaka and / or Chittagong For the Consultant there are two main project objectives for the Comilla - Brahmanbaria and Darkhar - Akhaura roads The second of these objectives is the production of Detailed Design and Contact Documentation for the construction of the road , divided into appropriate works packages suitable for International Competitive Bidding ( ICB ) However , the first main objective is the production of a Feasibility Study Report comprised of technical investigations design and cost estimation leading to economic analysis and environmental and social assessment of impacts of the project , including resettlement and Indigenous people issues . By the carrying out of these investigations and studies the technical , economic environmental and social feasibility of the proleci road upgrading is determined Though the decision to proceed to detailed design stage of the project road has already been taken the results of economic assessment will determine the optimum timing of construction and the phasing of development should it be shown that any section of the road does not justify the construction of a 4 - lane highway at the present time . The work undertaken by the Consultant during the Feasibility Study for this project road together with its findings and recommendations , has attempted to provide an objective and unbiased dele mination of the overall feasibility of the project road upgrading.

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