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Construction of U-Loop at Paduar Bazar, Cumilla at the Junction Point of Dhaka-Chittagong Highway (N1) and Cumilla-Chandpur Regional Highway (R-140) to Facilitate Smooth Traffic Flow".

Published at 10 Dec, 2020 | Project under Cumilla Road Division
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Project Background

There exists U-turning facility both at Dhaka end beneath the Paduar Bazar overpass and at Chittagong end near the Nurjahan Hotel. However, these U-turning facilities do not have enough turning radius for large high-speed vehicles (i.e. bus, truck, semi-trailer). Moreover, those U-turning facilities do not have properly designed channelization for which vehicles turning with a high speed need to slow down to take a U-turn. Additionally, the sight distance is not adequate for the turning vehicles. It implies a great safety hazard by creating several blind spots. Although, U-turning facility located at Dhaka end is intended to provide U-turning facility to unidirectional traffic, this facility is commonly used by bi-directional traffic. This types of bi-directional U-turning maneuver within a small opening can cause fatal collision. At the same time, Chittagong to Dhaka approach road below the overpass near the railway is incomplete due to construction of dual gage double rail line. This discontinuity of road influences the driver to perform unauthorized parking near the overpass, which reduces the effective width of the approach road towards Dhaka end U-turn. In the upcoming future, when this service road will be completed, a conflict will arise between the flow towards Dhaka and U-turning which will reduce the Level of Service (LOS) of this important highway (N1). In case of U-turning facility at Chittagong end, due to deficiency of enough turning radius, the large vehicle (bus, truck, semi-trailer) need to attain the radius from existing carriageway, which hampers the traffic flow that comes from Chittagong as well as Dhaka. These factors encumber to attain full capacity of N1. The superimposed effect of these scenarios will reduce the LOS of the existing road (N1) by many folds. As this highway is the artery of our domestic road network, reduction in LOS of this highway will cause adverse impact in both economic and tourism sector of our country. In this back-drop, to cope with this situation two grade separated U-loop needs to be constructed, so that it will easily connect the Dhaka-Chittagong highway with Comilla-Chandpur Highway (R140) ensuring high LOS, mobility and improved safety.

Project Approval

Project Approval Approval Date
Gov. Order
ECNEC Approval
Administrative Approval

Project Implementation Period

DPP type Project Beginning Date Project Finishing Date
Main DPP
01 Jul, 2020 30 Jun, 2023

Project Financial Source

Source GOB Own Financing Others Source
1 2 3 4
Loan (Lac)
Grant-in-Aid (Lac) 61203
Equity (Lac)
Others (Lac)
Sub Total (Lac) 61203 0 0
Grand Total (Lac) 0
Grand Total (Lac)

Project Area

Division District City Corporation/Municipality/Upazila
project Map
1 2 3
Chittagong Cumilla Cumilla Adarsha Sadar, Sadar South

Project Description

An adequate geotechnical investigation is an essential phase for the execution of a civil engineering project. The results of a geotechnical investigation should provide adequate information for selection of the most suitable type of foundation for the proposed structure and to indicate if special problems are likely to be encountered during excavation and filling. Superintending Engineer, Roads and Highways Department, Cumilla Zone approached BRTC, BUET for the Consultancy Services for the Construction of U-Loop at Paduar Bazar, Cumilla at the Junction Point of Dhaka-Chattogram Highway (N1) and Cumilla-Chandpur Regional Highway (R-140) to Facilitate Smooth Traffic Flow (Appendix-A). In order to provide expert services for the required sub-soil investigation of the site a team headed by Prof. Dr. Mohammad Shariful Islam of the Department of Civil Engineering, BUET was formed. A number of 20 boreholes were drilled between 16/07/2019 and 25/07/2019 to assess the subsoil condition at the project site of Construction of U-Loop at Paduar Bazar, Cumilla. Boreholes were drilled up to the depth of 30 to 36 m below the existing ground level (EGL). Among them, thirteen boreholes were drilled at the Dhaka End and seven boreholes were drilled at the Chittagong End. The borings were drilled along the U-Loop and bore log were prepared for each bore hole. Disturbed and 'undisturbed tube samples were collected from boreholes and were sent to the Geotechnical Engineering Laboratory of BUET. Routine laboratory tests on disturbed and undisturbed soil samples were carried out at the Geotechnical Engineering Laboratory of BUET, Dhaka to evaluate the physical and engineering properties of the sub- soils. On completion of the field and laboratory tests on sub-soil and subgrade soils, this report has been prepared. It is to be noted that an interim report on Geotechnical Investigation on sub-soils was submitted on September, 2019.

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